Composing A Research Paper About The Consequences Of The Vietnam War

Your history teacher may tell you to create a research paper about the Vietnam War and its consequences. This isn’t an easy academic assignment, but if you arrange your actions properly, you’ll be able to complete it successfully and earn an excellent grade. If you have doubts in how to compose your paper, this article should help you.

Steps to Take for Composing Your Research Paper

  1. Brainstorm your topic.
  2. If you write about the general consequences of the Vietnam War, your teacher won’t be impressed by your work. To write a project that will have some real meaning, you should focus on a narrow aspect of this topic. Do some brainstorming or consult your teacher to come up with a good idea.

  3. Conduct your study.
  4. You should gather several sources related to the Vietnam War and analyze them. If you know a person who has survived the Vietnam War, you may conduct an interview with them in order to present unique information in your paper.

  5. Plan the contents your text.
  6. Before you start working, it’s advisable to create a good outline. This will help you create a consistent text during the process of writing. With an outline, you’ll structure your text properly and won’t forget to mention any significant details.

  7. Write an introduction.
  8. The opening part of your text should inform your readers about the objectives of your research. It should also explain the key terms that might not be understandable for an ordinary reader. Lastly, an introduction should give a view on the following sections.

  9. Make a review of your sources.
  10. This is a chapter where you should introduce and analyze the sources that your study is based upon.

  11. Provide a methodology description.
  12. In this part, you should tell about the methodology that you’ve decided to use during your work. Provide a thorough description of your actions.

  13. Describe the outcomes of your work.
  14. The final body section should contain the output of your analysis and a small discussion of these results.

  15. Write a conclusion.
  16. In this section, you should list your main points and examples, and propose a few ways to conduct your research.

Finalizing Steps

After the main parts of your paper have been composed, you should make a bibliography. You may also need to create a place for extra materials (appendices).

Don’t forget to proofread your text carefully in order to get rid of mistakes and rewrite irrelevant sentences or paragraphs.

The last step is to format your document in conformity with the style stated in your assignment guidelines.

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