What Is Results Section In A Research Paper And How To Create It?

When writing a research paper, one of the things you have to be well versed about is how to present the results. This section entails the outcomes of what one goes to find out in the field. Therefore, there is need to learn the correct presentation of these outcomes so that important information is not left out. Below is a guide on how to achieve this. Adhere to every rule:

  • Refer to the main problem in the question
  • In every research paper, the key thing you have to keep in mind is that, there is always a problem. Therefore, you must refer back to the introduction where you outlined the key problem that necessitates research to be carried out. This should be well linked with the each of the results so that when one reads through them, there is no case of confusion.

  • Mention the methods of data collection
  • When it comes to the formatting of your research paper, you have to mention the specific methods which will be employed in data collection. Therefore, when you are writing the results section, you must specify these method. Each of the methods you give should correspond to and be relevant to the results you give. However, if you are uncertain about the methods, it is good to leave them out and consult an expert first because inclusion of wrong content will make everything irrelevant.

  • Be specific
  • Specificity is an important factor to most forms of writing. One is required to link the result to the key objectives that he outlines earlier within the first sections of the paper. If the two do not match, the research will be considered irrelevant and therefore, ways for adjustments should be devised faster so that this is restructured.

  • Craft logical results
  • There are people who do not follow the rules and therefore, they end up with information that is irrelevant to the topic. When you read the information, it should make sense to you. Moreover, it should be written in formats that can easily allow for analysis.

  • Follow a chronological order
  • Data comes in different weights. Therefore, one has to know how to write the information so that the right order with regards to the importance of each is adhered to. If you are not sure about this, you can share it out with your friends so that they can help you out on how to do it.

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