10 Topic Ideas For Your Research Paper On The Spanish American War

Wars have gone in history since the dawn of mankind. Added to this, there have even been recorded instances of strategic warfare between rival bands of chimpanzees. It appears to be a primate thing. In the not too distant past, America very frequently warred with her neighbors. Here are a few reasons for that:

  • Newness
  • As a new country, it was often necessary to remind stronger or more established nations of where borders were drawn. There was no United Nations or other body dedicated to respecting the rights of any country or ruler at the time.

  • Less integration
  • Completely aside from racial integration, economic integration was not as deep. Countries were not as deeply interconnected so one could afford to anger neighbors and little would come of it or sometimes nothing at all. Globalization had not yet occurred.

  • There was little else to do
  • People did not eat as well, medical care was not as easily available and jobs were dangerous. Dying in battle was actually one of the better ways to go because it came with a certain level of prestige. On an economic level, it was also a good gamble. If your country won you could extort certain goods out of the loser and these would make it all worthwhile.

For the conflict between Spain and America, here are a few topics that can be considered:

  1. How land shapes the way geo-political crises emerge
  2. How Toussainte L’Ouverture played a part in the shaping of the American Landscape
  3. Shifting borders: How Mexican soil became American overnight
  4. Could a Trump Presidency re-create the Spanish American War?
  5. Could conflict have been avoided with persistent diplomacy
  6. Why was this only one of five wars that were officially and congressionally declared?
  7. Why was the conflict with Mexico aable to precede the one with Spain?
  8. Did America’s battle with Spain inadvertently lead Cuba to communism?
  9. Who really sank the USS Maine (or did it really sink at all)?
  10. How did the battle of Manila Bay help shape the modern Philippines?

Many things were connected to the Spanish American War in ways that are less obvious. This is the nature of battle. Don’t be alarmed. Try a bit of the less obvious things in life and see how much better your writing becomes. This seldom fails.

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