The Most Convenient Ways To Find A Good Research Paper Prospectus Example

A research paper prospectus is just like a proposal. It's your announcement of what you intend to study. It has benefits for a number of people. The obvious beneficiary is yourself because it helps you to firm up your beliefs and intentions. It advises your teacher or teachers about what you plan to study and gives them the opportunity to give you advice and direction. That is most certainly a win-win situation for all concerned. If there is an issue of funding for your research then it also aids those responsible for providing financial support to see exactly where their money is likely to go.

So it's a seriously important project to undertake, producing your research paper prospectus. You therefore want to make as good a job of it as possible. How can you do that?

Well of course you can talk things over with members of the teaching faculty at your college or school and take whatever advice they are able to give you but a very good teaching tool in the creation of the prospectus is to look at samples. Look at the work created by students before you who have written a prospectus which has been successful and approved. Learn from the work of others.

Where can you find good examples?

Your college or school will almost certainly have samples of a prospectus which you can freely read. You will also find many examples online from educational institutions and also from commercial operations which offer to help with the creation of a prospectus. But before you can assess the value of the examples you are looking at, you need to know the basic components of a good prospectus. They are as follows:

  • What is your research question? This is your thesis statement.
  • Why is your research question relevant and important?
  • What will be the outcome of your research paper once it has been completed?
  • How would you go about obtaining information which you will use to create your research paper?
  • What are your specific plans for conducting your research?
  • What sources would you use throughout your research?

By knowing the answer to the questions above you help yourself write a winning prospectus and you help yourself assess examples that you found to study. Remember that in listing sources for your research information, it is advisable to list not just a variety of texts but also any academic journals or video lectures which you intend to study.

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