Shaping The Future Of Music Business: Research Paper Topics To Consider

The Musical Industry has been changing since it began albeit at a much slower pace than nowadays. As a student of it, you can be excused for not knowing where to start. Luckily we have compiles some great topics to take the stress off your shoulders:

  • Seasonal songs: The ticket to year round success
  • Christmas songs in particular have turned many people into millionaires. It’s just that so few classics are penned anymore that the magic is difficult to replicate.

  • Sampling: Flattery or Out right theft?
  • Many musical genres seem to be propped up by the talent of previous generations. How might this affect the future?

  • Cultural Appropriation: Should we just get over it?
  • It is not uncommon to hear traditional beats spliced into modern pop. Should this type of borrowing be accepted?

  • How Auto Tune ruined the art of live performance
  • Digitally altered voices can be quite pleasing on the radio and much less so live. What happened?

  • Can record sales ever recover from the plague of digital downloads?
  • The music industry went through a golden age where a great deal of money was made and often squandered by all. Now it is much more difficult for new artistes to thrive. Is this the new normal?

  • Are indie labels providing a realistic path to success for new artistes?
  • Bigger labels come with much more rules and restrictions but also much more money. Is the trade of worth it?

  • Can performances replace the revenue lost from digital downloads?
  • Since the first teenager discovered music could be shared via PC, record sales have been in a steady decline. Are ticket sales enough to replace those profits?

  • Should vocaloids like Hatsune Miku be allowed to open for live acts?
  • Is a completely digital voice the next step after auto-tune?

  • Are cover bands a legitimate part of the music industry?
  • If the purpose of music is creativity, should bands that solely perform the music of others be allowed to refer to themselves as musicians?

  • Do bands do enough to engage their fans who have special needs?
  • Videos have emerged of sign language interpreters signing entire hip hop concerts for deaf fans but does this happen enough? What about other special needs?

There are many other possible ideas so don’t be perturbed if the one you seek cannot be found here. Perhaps you will be the one to create it.

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