A List Of The Most Popular Law And Economics Research Paper Topics

Writing a law and economics paper is interesting yet requires plenty of research and organizational skills. Besides, you should select a topic important for both law and economic professionals. Without a doubt, it takes some time to study online and library resources to come up with a good idea. Either way, you can start from studying the list of popular topics below and then study useful resources to get inspired.

15 Interesting Topics for a Law and Economics Research Paper

  1. Economic analysis of property rights: first possession of forest resources in the U.S.
  2. Critical transitions: a conceptual framework for understanding and analysis.
  3. Self-insuring versus liability risks: a comparison study of European and American practice.
  4. High-risk lenders: a road to racial and ethnic differences in expensive mortgages.
  5. How legislation keeps up with economic innovations: a case study of Singapore.
  6. The pros and cons of getting a patent in a developing country.
  7. Patents and R&D investments: assessing the empirical data.
  8. Environmental pollution and criminal activity: evidence from Detroit data sets.
  9. The relationship between crime rates and right-to-carry laws: the usefulness of bounded variation assumptions.
  10. The effects of compulsory licensing on invention: evidence from Germany.
  11. The halo effect of corporate social responsibility.
  12. How political hazards affect the choice of municipal financial instruments in the U.S.
  13. The effects of the tort reform for fast food: the effectiveness of “cheeseburger bills.”
  14. Public policy and behavioral economics: possible prospects.
  15. The role of information on public attitudes toward buying human organs: the sacred values.

Useful Suggestions on How to Find Resources for Your Scholarship

  • Check the reference sources in your school library such as edited books, economic dictionaries, encyclopedias of law and economics, and so on.
  • Search through the treatises in the library catalog like lectures in law and economics, publications on economics for lawyers, collections of topic-related essays, etc.
  • Select a volume of journals to look through using the recommendations of your professor or simply search for them online.
  • Find the databases that cover a wide range of legal and economic topics, e.g. a website that collects research papers from academic institutions, study groups, and think tanks.
  • Study a repository of academic institutions that contains working papers, dissertations, and other materials.
  • Remember to check out the online resources provided by your college: the websites of your department, institute for economic studies, law and economics center, and the writing center.
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