Creating A Decent Research Paper On English As A Global Language

A decent research paper is captivating to read and provides admirable insight on the topic at hand. It is captivating to read and meets all the academic requirements provided including language, formatting, submission on time, etc. A good paper will also herald excellent prospects for your academic and working life. How do you produce such a paper?

  • Know what the Instructions Demand
  • Tutors and faculty give instructions that must be followed when completing any assignment. It is these instructions that will make the paper great or a flop. Crucial instructions include whether your paper is descriptive, analytical, narrative, etc. Check on the formatting style, length, topic, etc. This guides you on the areas to concentrate.

  • Plan Your Work
  • Create a working schedule immediately the assignment is issued. The schedule should include the activities, resources or materials required and any support needed e.g. samples, interviews, data collection, etc. Create a check list for all these activities. Leave room for relaxation and a cushion to cater for emergency. This is a guarantee that your work will be completed in time.

  • Find Fresh Information and Data
  • Research papers and other academic works give you a chance to express your opinion and give a position on the issue being discussed. There is a lot of debate on language use. Find the latest findings on language use, look for authors who support your view. Identify positions that tally with your own by reading widely. This lends credibility to your arguments. It makes your arguments stronger and believable. Avoid unsubstantiated claims.

  • Create an Outline
  • Outlines show the order in which ideas or words appear in your paper. It is a product of brainstorming where you choose strong ideas and leave out the weak ones. It gives you a picture of the materials you have thus an idea of whether you need to search for more or you have excess and thus should drop others. From the outline, you create a logical order that makes your work more cohesive.

  • Finish with the Introduction
  • An introduction gives the reader a hint of what to expect from your research paper. It is difficult to write it at the beginning though since new ideas might crop up as you draft the paper. After completing the paper, you can now prepare an introduction considering that you know the content. Such an introduction is usually factual and stronger.

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