The Key To Creating A Strong Research Paper On Business Ethics

There have been hordes of papers (some scientific and many academic) on the topic of business ethics. While every business requires or already has some kind of a policy which governs the ethics of the business, there are a few things that you will have to consider about the subject. While there are several writers that have written on the subject in the past, there is a notion that something extra can always be added when taking such a topic head on.

For a start, consider ethics in general and not essentially in the business perspective. There are several people who are of the idea that ethics are not a part of the regular working in business and that they come into play only at a later stage. However, there are several things about the same that need to be corrected at a local level. Here are a few.

Ethics and business: an uncanny team?

Many ulterior motives suggest that ethics and business do not team up well together. This could not have been farther from the truth. While it may appear to be an uncanny team at face value, there are a few things that the business cannot achieve without ethics. Some points are here:

  • Business ethics allows organizations to remain fair to each
  • The customer knows what to expect from an ethical business
  • Bad business ethic almost invariably translates into sizeable losses
  • It is a competitive market and many other businesses have ethics already
  1. How does a business define its ethics?
  2. There are guidelines for businesses that want to define their own set of ethics. For other businesses, the protocol prepared by the appropriate authorities can be followed directly.

    For most big organizations, ethics are set by the board of the directors of the house. This may be done in a day or could take well beyond a few months.

  3. Business ethic and business law
  4. There are business ethics and then there are business laws. Most smart government design business laws in a way that chances for unethical business are effectively ruled out. There are many who believe it is the duty of the business to get into the groove as far some business law is concerned.

  5. A private call for the organization
  6. If you do your research well, you will get to know sooner than later that ethics are the call of an organization at the end of the day. The ways it turns on them is also their prerogative. Mention this somewhere near the end of the research paper.

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