Creating A Quality Research Paper On The Effects Of Social Media

When a student is asked to create a thesis or dissertation as part of their homework on the effects of social media, they sometimes aren’t able to come up with good quality work. This article is written to help the students in creating a good quality research paper. This could be for a freelance essay they need to write or a thesis for the end of the term.

In a dissertation about social media, the homework that needs to be done is a lot of reading up about social media. The student as part of his or her study conducted and homework done should know how social media has aided communication, how technology has changed the way communication is handled. They also need to do homework on how social networking sites have or are threatening to replace personal interaction.

  • The dissertation might show about the ways social networking affects people in their daily lives. The freelance essay should deal with self-expression, isolation, bullying as well as friendships or even humanity as it is perceived through the eyes of the digital world as compared to what it is in real life on the basis of real life communication.
  • The thesis could also talk about why these social networking sites have evolved. The purpose of these sites was to help people communicate better rather than to alienate themselves from others and isolate themselves from the real world.
  • The dissertation might discuss the benefits when communicating and keeping in touch with people of other cities, states, and countries. The creating of bonds between people and expanding their social circle as well as their circle of influence.
  • The essay could also throw light on the dangers of these sites especially for teens and children. The peer pressure and the controversial images posted by them on these sites or even the inappropriate usage of pictures or the term “cyberbullying.” Also, the fact that they can fall prey to so many different kinds of predators.
  • The thesis might talk about the lack of dedication these social media sites causes to real friends, how this complete ignorance can ruin friendships, and so much more.
  • Finally, the essay should talk about how social networking is a tool and should be used as such. It should never be given mastery over the owner of the tool.

Creating a quality research paper on the effects of social media is easy when you understand the discussion above. Consider these factors and you will be well on your way to an excellent composition.

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