Top 22 Compelling Research Paper Topics To Choose From

As a college student, you’ll be required to write lots of research papers during your studies. It’s more than likely that your academic writing skills will get better and better with every following assignment of this kind. However, the task of choosing the topic to write about is always a challenge. Not all the topics you are interested in are suitable for a college-level paper, and you should be very careful when picking a topic idea to explore.

In Search of a Compelling Topic Idea

When picking a topic for your paper, make sure that you are truly interested in the subject. It doesn’t make sense to write about something you are likely to get bored with soon. Your topic should be researchable as well. Therefore, make sure that you have enough sources to refer to in the process of work. Finally, you should completely cover the topic in your paper. Avoid broad topics or narrow them down.

List of Inspiring Research Topics

  1. How do men and women use body language to communicate and how can the knowledge of male and female body signs be used to improve interpersonal communication?
  2. How do steroids affect the human body if they are used for a long period of time?
  3. Social networking sites are used primarily for communication. What other applications are possible?
  4. What marketing strategies are aimed at children? How do they affect them?
  5. How is sexuality used in advertisements?
  6. Which strategies are effective and which ones are useless in political advertising?
  7. What are the benefits of traditional education compared to distance education?
  8. What are the newest ways to scam people on the Web?
  9. What are computer viruses? How have they evolved during the last 10 years?
  10. What are the modern beauty standards?
  11. What effects of global warming can be observed nowadays?
  12. Is scuba diving dangerous?
  13. Has the number of extinct species increased during the last 10 years? Why have those species gone?
  14. How are people affected by noise pollution?
  15. Why should the Internet be censored and how?
  16. How is artificial meat produced?
  17. How are people affected by what they eat?
  18. What are the values of contemporary teenagers?
  19. Is modern mass media biased? What signs of the bias can you identify?
  20. What tasks should genetic engineers focus on first and foremost?
  21. What are the newest tendencies in stem cell research?
  22. Which of the available energy sources are the most cost-effective and why?
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