Basic APA Research Paper Citation Rules You Need To Be Aware Of

APA is one of the most common and used style formats used by students all across the globe. If you pending down others ideas then you ought to give them credit for it. In order to do so you should be well aware about the basic APA Basic APA research paper citation rules. You can do so by using in-text citation. Students can use different form of citation in various academic formats but for APA format you should use author date system.

Basic In-Text Citation Style

The phrase author date system is self-explanatory wherein you need to mention the name of the author and the date of the publication in order to give credit in APA style format. But you ought to be careful while citation. Either you write both in parentheses to avoid any confusion and follow the citation rule or else you can write the name of the authors in running text and the date in parentheses. Have a look at both the examples mentioned below for a better understanding:

  • After the feedback session, children started visiting the library every Monday. (Adam & Smith, 2014)
  • Adam and Smith (2014) reported that children visited the library every Monday after the feedback session.

If you have noticed, in the first case ampersand (&) is used in the first example while in the second case the word is used outside of parentheses.

Multiple In-Text Citations

If you have done research on a war and there are multiple citations to support then you include it all inside parentheses. This is the rule you need to follow religiously in APA style format. You need to alphabetize the studies within parentheses and use semicolons to separate them. If you want to use the option of running text then then you can choose any order you wish. The below mentioned two examples will make it clear.

Studies of playing sports during childhood have provided mixed results. (Alex 2011; Wayne & Christopher 2014; Adam & Smith, 2015)

Alex (2011) reported an increase in the energy levels whereas Wayne & Christopher (2014) mentioned a decrease. Adam & Smith (2015) found no significant results.

Missing information

You may sometimes not have information and in such cases there are certain citation rules you should follow. In case of missing information with regards to date you should either write "n.d." for "no date".

You should be very careful while mentioning titles of reports and books. The titles of books and reports are always italicized in in-text citations in APA style format.

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