A Great List Of Fresh Research Math Paper Topics For Students

If you are fresh in high school, you may be soon faced with the task of writing an academic paper on math. There are numerous challenges when it comes to composing the correct paper on maths. Arguably the greatest among them is related to the selection of the topic on which you would like to structure the paper.

There are literally hundreds on topics on which you may choose the base the math paper. If you are concerned with the right topic selection, it is advisable that you look at some valuable examples. This way you will be able to draw insight on the topic that you should be selecting later.

Which research topic should you select in high school?

There are many topics from which you may choose. One of the most important aspects is the relevance it bears with your present level of academic and personal understanding. If you feel that a particular topic is within your radar, you should not hold back and give it an honest attempt.

But it is always more advisable to have a system wherein you may reward yourself by having a look at some great custom examples of topics. Here is one collection of topics that will help you along the way.

Interesting research paper topics on mathematics

  • How much does modern math owe its existence to its ancient Greece Heritage?
  • Euclid: the forgotten father of geometry and how is he relevant even today?
  • Pythagoras: is it true that Pythagoras might have derived the famous theorem by chance?
  • India and ancient mathematics: Which of the two ancient civilizations is responsible for the modern numerical?
  • Is it true that the numbers used in Arabic religious texts have been borrowed from the Indian numeric system?
  • What is the basis of mathematics in architecture? Is architecture possible without mathematics?
  • What was the role of mathematics during the European renaissance?
  • The intricate relationship between Quantum Physics and mathematics: what can we learn from them?
  • What was the state of math development in Medieval Europe?
  • Motion and mechanics: the application of mathematics in modern physics
  • Electro-magnetism and mathematics: why the former is incomplete without the latter?

In all of the above topics, there is a desperate attempt to make the most of the available changes in math during the course of history and in its application in physics. Selecting such topics will give you a greater range of experimental range.

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