A Great List Of Nursing Research Paper Topics For College

Nursing is one of the most practical professions. It is, however, not surprising to find a lot of academic writing from analysis and observations. This is where research papers dominate. One wonders where to get topics for discussion considering that a lot has already been written about. Here are some of the topics to consider.

Sources of excellent nursing paper topics

  • Encounters in Wards- the learning process involves a lot of practical experiences in wards. Each patient comes with a unique condition. Though treatment regiments are similar, each case has unique properties. Make observations and analyze the situation in a paper. Use such a real life example to find more insights into the nursing practice. While using such examples, do not mention the real names of the patients involved.
  • Public Concerns- the public debates health issues from time to time. The information and opinion they hold provide a solid base to interrogate health and nursing sectors. You may seek to use your paper to correct erroneous opinion, practices or highlight systemic issues that affect the health of the public. After all, academic work is supposed to provide professional and considered directions about social issues.
  • Personal Initiative- There is a reason or motivation why you joined nursing. There are issues you feel have not been addressed regardless of voluminous research in the field. This is your opportunity to address the issues. Use personal motivation and passion to find a solution or highlight an issue of concern.

Here are some of the freshest ideas to consider for a research paper in nursing.

  1. The role of a nurse in post-operation care
  2. How to handle a person in the earliest stages of dementia
  3. The take of the nurse in legalization of euthanasia
  4. How can a nurse best break the news of terminal illness to a patient?
  5. What level of support is required for neo-natal care?
  6. The role of a nurse in convincing families of diseased persons to donate organs
  7. Is midwifery one of the most ignored or neglected professional duties?
  8. How hospitals and health facilities should balance the need for professional care and urge to make profits
  9. Is nursing burnout responsible for patient mismanagement?
  10. What are the health concerns affecting nurses as a result of their work conditions?
  11. What is the effect of intimate relationships between nurses and their patients?
  12. What should be the reaction of a nurse who encounters an abusive patient?
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