20 Topics To Explore In A Macroeconomics Term Paper

Writing down a term paper on macroeconomics can prove harder than even doing the paper itself. Coming up with the topic for the research is not an easy task bearing in mind that economics is a vast and interesting subject. One can select from a large pool of interesting areas.

The topic that one chooses must be one that they are passionate about for them to have it finished easily and quickly. Outline below are some of the interesting ideas that one can make into good topics:

  1. What factors have the most impact on economic growth?
  2. Reasons the world economy is sliding down gradually despite quantifiable easing.
  3. Where and when is the trickle-down effect seen?
  4. What solutions can huge charities offer on economic problems?
  5. Is poverty inevitable?
  6. Agriculture and effects of global warming
  7. Raising cutoffs for loans and its effects
  8. Buying on credit vs. buying on cash
  9. Is child labor justifiable?
  10. Scrutinize the national savings rate of the world biggest economies
  11. Is the world short of food or short of markets?
  12. Are banks really important?
  13. Does franchising impact on the economy?
  14. Study the status quo of macroeconomics in regard to supply and demand
  15. Should governments limit ownership of private property?
  16. Poverty, incomed and wealth distribution; are our resources inadequate vis-à-vis our needs?
  17. Economics of poverty
  18. Developing nations and technology
  19. Unemployment rates in different countries
  20. What is the impact of government spending on economic growth?

The above are just a few among hundreds of interesting and absorbing topics that can stage an important discussion for a research paper on macroeconomics. The best topics to choose should and will always be the ones that engage the mind in an enthusiastic way enough to make the reader pay more attention to the piece.

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