Guide On How To Write Reference List In A Research Paper

Research is one of the most significant stages in the journey to educational progress and we have many ways of doing it. From the moment a hypothesis is developed to the point when a theory gets established, researchers have to be very careful when compiling their data. It is virtually impossible to make any progress without building on the works of publishers before you, this makes referencing extremely important.

Writing a reference list is necessary in every type of paper, you will find that your work will always contain at least one reference to a previously published piece. This is normal, most researchers are happy when their findings can be used to make further advancements in any study. The following is simple guide on how to write a reference list in a research paper:

  1. Gather data with your reference in mind
  2. Many people make the mistake of simply gathering all the data they need, never paying any mind to the sources they are using. This can make referencing a total disaster later on, having to trace your steps back can be difficult and it is often easier to start over fresh.

  3. Make note of all citations
  4. Take good notes of every unoriginal bit of information you include in your paper, the moment you include it. It may be helpful to have a separate notebook, solely for this purpose.

  5. Create a check list
  6. The checklist may seem old fashioned but it is quite useful. With a properly planned checklist, you can make sure you miss nothing, increasing your chances of successfully completing your paper. You could use a sample paper to help you create your checklist, this way you can see what you expect your own paper should look like at the end.

  7. Start your reference based on your style
  8. There are various styles that can be used to write a paper, most of them are practical and some may even be requested by your examiners. By using one of these styles, you will have an outline for the referencing methods used, this can be very helpful and guidelines for these various styles are easy to find.

  9. Double check your data
  10. Reference lists contain sensitive information and you must make no mistakes if it can be helped. Always double check your work, the slightest error can have huge consequences when the reputation of your paper is at stake.

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