Typical Distractions to Avoid: Tips for Writing the Term Paper

Have a real study area

when you were much younger, it was a good idea for you to work at the dining room table, so your parents could keep an eye on you. Also, they were nearby if you needed any help. Now, as you have gotten older, and your studies are more challenging, you need a designated study space....

Do not work at the table any longer. Find a space you can call your own. You will want a desk, a calendar, your school supplies, a printer, a computer, and nice lighting. You may not be able to have the printer and computer in your spot if you share the electronics with siblings. This is okay. You can leave out your work if you are half-finished, write your work on your calendar (use a large desk or wall one), and have a little quiet where you can be away from the noise. If the house is small, or you can’t have a spot, then talk to your parents about what can be done to give you an area of your own for quiet concentration.

Put away your electronics-you will need a printer and a computer or laptop. You will have research to conduct and papers to print. There are definitely times when you need these items. However, you do not need your phone, gaming system, television, or CD player in your area. You will constantly lose focus if these things are in your study area. Be smart when it comes to your electronics. If you are playing with all your neat devices, then you can’t be giving your studies your full attention.

Keep a planner and calendar

the planner and large calendar will save you. The planner and calendar on your phone is not sufficient for the job. First of all, buy a planner at the local bookstore. There are all different kinds with different designs and colors. ...

It needs to be small enough to fit into your backpack or bag; yet large enough for you to have room to write the assignments for all of your classes daily. Next, buy a large wall or desk calendar. Then move all the things you wrote on your planner on this calendar. Then highlight the due dates in bright neon colors. Every time you sit down at your work area, these highlighted dates will be staring you in the eyes. These two tools, the calendar and planner, will help you to stay on track when it comes to your schoolwork.

Have a study buddy for each subject

if you are in a sport, a competition club, or a in a fine arts performing class, you may miss some class days due to performances and competitions. And there will be times that you just may get sick and be absent. ...

In each of your classes, have a study buddy. When either one of you is absent, you can share the missed notes and assignments with each other. You will want to get the person’s contact information. Always have a study buddy in each class in order to stay on track at all times.